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K-12 education spending in Georgia totaled $17.5 billion in 2010-2011. Yet our student outcomes – graduation rates, core subject comprehension, readiness for employment – continue to lag the nationfootnote 1.   After years of refining and tweaking Georgia’s system of funding K-12 education, we still have a long way to go.

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Georgia is one of many states working to update and improve public education funding with funding processes very similar to student based budgeting. Check out these links for news from neighboring South Carolina and also northern California.

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S.C. began work on tax change and public education funding in 2012 session

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Characteristics of Strong Education Finance Systems Presentation to the State Education Finance Study Commission's QBE Subcommittee

Stretching the School Dollar: How Schools and Districts Can Save Money While Serving Students Best.

Alternative Funding Models Presentation to the State Education Finance Study Commission




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1 Georgia Department of Education. (2011). 2010-2011 Report Card: Personnel & Fiscal: Revenues and Expenditures. Retrieved from:

It is vital to Georgia’s economic future that its public education system produces better student outcomes. Reforming how Georgia finances K-12 education is integral to achieving that goal. The Smarter Funding, Better Outcomes initiative will positively contribute to the process of modernizing and improving education finance in our state.

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