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  US Census report of 2011 state spending: See pages 4 and 9 for Georgia’s spending on education, including K-12 and higher-education tuition

Government Division Briefs

  Characteristics of Strong Education Finance Systems

Presentation to the State Education Finance Study Commission's QBE Subcommittee by Public Impact

  Alternative Funding Models Presentation to the State Education Finance Study Commission

Senate Budget and Evaluation Office

  Beginning Teachers Are More Common in Rural, High-Poverty, and Racially Diverse Schools

The Carsey Institute

  How the world’s most improved school systems keep getting better

McKinsey Global Education Policy Panel

  Trending Toward Reform: Teachers Speak on Unions and the Future of the Profession
  NAEP 2008 Trends in Academic Progress (1971-2008)
  Stretching the School Dollar: How Schools and Districts Can Save Money While Serving Students Best.

Harvard Education Press

  2011 College Completion Data – Georgia

Complete College America

  Georgia Releases New Four-year High School Graduation Rate

Georgia Department of Education

  National Center for Education Statistics
  Governors Budget Report, Fiscal Year 2013
  Financing Georgia’s schools: A primer.

Ross Rubenstein and David L. Sjoquist

  Measuring Teacher Effectiveness


  Finance, Spending, and Productivity Project and School Finance Redesign Project

Center on Reinventing Public Education

  State Education Finance Study Commission
  Education Finance Study Commission Legislation from 2012 Session

Georgia House Committee on Education

  The Performance and State Policies of Higher Education in Georgia: Insights from a Five-State Policy Review Project

Penn State Institute for Research on Higher Education

  National on-time graduation (Rates) – 2008-09

KidsCount Data

  Report Awards Grades for Education Performance, Policy

Education Week  

  Improving the State-Local Partnerships For Georgia's Schools

Joseph G. Martin Jr.  

  Issue Paper: Equalization

State Education Finance Study Commission 

  "Financing schools for a more productive future"

Marguerite Roza

  Compliance Accountability/Innovative Programs/Title 20

Education Finance Study Commission 

  Foundation Funding Formula

Dr. John Barge, State School Superintendent 

  Funding Formula Documents

Rhode Island Department of Education. Office of Finance.

  2010 Education Policy Forum (Georgia)

Georgia Partner for Excellence in Education and Georgia School Board Association

  Higher Return: How investing in education pays off for Georgia

Atlanta Regional Council for Higher Education

  Smart Money: Using Educational Resources to Accomplish Ambitious Goals

Harvard Education Press

  Educational Economics: Where Do School Funds Go?

Urban Institute Press 

  Fund the Student: A Plan to Fix Rhode Island’s Broken Public School Finance System

Public Impact and Martin West, PhD. 

  Weighted Student Funding for Primary Schools: An Analysis of the Dutch Experience

Duke Sanford School of Public Policy 

  Ohio at the Crossroads: School funding or more of the same or changing the model?

Thomas B. Fordham Institute 

  Facing the Future: Financing Productive Schools

Center on Reinventing Public Education 

  A Tale of Two Districts. (San Francisco and Oakland)

American Institutes for Research 

  Funding the Child: Getting Results in South Carolina Through Weighted Student Funding

South Carolina Policy Council and the Thomas B. Fordham Institute 

  Understanding Student-Weighted Allocation as a Means to Greater School Resource Equity

Peabody Journal of Education, 81(3), 39-62 

  Fund the Child: Tackling Inequity in School Finance.

Thomas B. Fordham Institute 

  The Agony of American Education: How per-student funding can revolutionize public schools

Reason Magazine 

  Funding Georgia Public Schools

Georgia School Superintendents Association and Georgia School Board Association 

  When Dollars Follow Students: The political viability, equity, and workability of weighted funding formulas

The School Administrator – American Association of School Administrators 


It is vital to Georgia’s economic future that its public education system produces better student outcomes. Reforming how Georgia finances K-12 education is integral to achieving that goal. The Smarter Funding, Better Outcomes initiative will positively contribute to the process of modernizing and improving education finance in our state.

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